Faction is an early-stage Blockchain Venture Fund

We back the best entrepreneurs and focus on projects that advance the industry or provide positive societal impact

We invest in rebels and dreamers — daring builders that swing hard at the world’s biggest problems —while also balancing bold vision with precise execution. We want you to run things your way, but are happy to roll-up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. Together, we can pave the path for a world we all want to live in.

Faction backs disruptive crypto projects at the early stage. We invest in the best entrepreneurs at the Seed and Series A, across both equity and tokens. Our approach is flexible and long-term because we think crypto will be big, disruptively, seismically big, in the next few decades. We look to partner with BUIDLers who are working on something fundamentally useful in blockchain and who are passionately pushing the industry forward. We invest across the stack (layer zero to applications) and sectors (DeFi to NFTs). We’re vertical agnostic, but our north star is always the same: great entrepreneurs creating real utility and pushing the frontier.

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We have been investing in this future for over a decade

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